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“The bigger the better”

“The bigger the better”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

Dress to express

Anna Yeo (20, British), exchange student at UCM, describes her style as “lots of different patterns and colours”.

Charity shops
“My style in clothes suits my personality: lively and a little strange. But in a good way. I buy everything second-hand, except for my underwear, ha-ha. It is better for the environment, but also much more fun. I always went to charity shops in the United Kingdom. People can take their old clothes there and the proceeds go to a good cause. Items are sorted by colour and then there are crates stuffed full of clothes in the centre of the shop. That is where I find the nicest and most unusual stuff. A lot of vintage, because there are clothes of people who have died for example. Stuff from shops like that is often a lot cheaper than from ‘normal’ shops, and that is also part of the search and hunt game.”

“Until I was seventeen, I didn’t have the courage to wear what I wanted. What I wore was so boring. One day I just thought ‘fuck it, I’m just going to do it’. I wear the most varying colours and patterns mixed together. I don’t care if it doesn’t match. Just wear it, it will work. It actually gives me more self-confidence to do so. I feel like more of an individual, no longer swallowed up by the masses.”

Nudist beach
“Jewellery is the most favourite part of my outfit. Where rings are concerned: the bigger the better. Most of my rings have a story attached to them. I bought this one during a trip to Croatia with a friend, where we went to a nudist beach for the first time. Very awkward at the beginning but also very liberating. Most of my bracelets are made of crystal; I went through a crystal phase back home in Bristol. Either to protect me or for good fortune. I wore them last year during the exams; they went well.”

Skirt or dress?
“This dress is actually a long skirt, but I wear it like this so that you can see the tattoos on my legs better. I have a total of five tattoos, two of which are on my legs. A friend pricked those two in by hand. That makes them personal and it has meaning for me. I love how the ink looks on my skin. Eventually I want to be completely covered.”

“I have always had long curly hair, but when I came to Maastricht, I wanted something different. I started cutting rather impulsively. That didn’t look good. So, I used a house mate’s beard trimmer and shaved off everything. I continuously dye the front in various colours: white, lilac, blue and dark purple. I don’t have any regrets, but I will let it grow back again. Without dyeing it; I want it to grow back healthy. I am not looking forward to the phase in-between short and long, when you can’t really do anything with your hair. I might just wear crazy wigs or fun hats.”



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