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Exam only in June

Exam only in June


Archive Victoria Ebert

Second-year student of Psychology Victoria Ebert has “gone back to her childhood days”, she says via Skype, laughing. She has returned to her father’s vineyard house, where she lived until 2011. “After that, I went to school abroad and lived with my mother in Berlin.”

Public life in Germany has been largely shut down, but wine production continues as usual, says Ebert. “Last week, I helped bottle the wine. A large bottling machine was brought in. Empty bottles go in one end – I helped with that – and filled and corked bottles come out the other end. We filled 18 thousand bottles in all. Everyone tried to avoid physical contact and wore face masks and gloves.”

Ebert was supposed to take an exam last Tuesday, but it was postponed to June. It’s unclear what form the exam will take now. “I find it difficult to get motivated when I don’t know what exactly I’m studying for. I’ve been working on my essays with deadlines, though.”

Ebert spends about four hours a day in the forest. She walks the dog or helps her father set traps for wild animals. The Eberts are hunters. “We hunt deer and wild boar.” She’s had a hunting licence for years. Getting one isn’t easy, she explains. “You have to practice with weapons, but it’s mostly a lot of theory. You need to know everything about German hunting law, about weapons, about animals, how to clean carcasses, when and what you can hunt, and so on. I think I spent more time studying for my hunting licence than my final secondary school exams.”

Ebert would like to emphasise that this isn’t sport hunting. “We protect farmland and help control wildlife populations in the forest. It’s also the most environmentally friendly form of meat production. No hormones or antibiotics are involved and the meat doesn’t have to be transported over a long distance before it gets eaten. It’s the most carbon-friendly meat around.”

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