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“French cyclist girl” found!

“French cyclist girl” found!


Karen Warfel via Pixabay

Last week, Observant ran a story about Hugo Engels, employee at the Language Centre, who was trying to find a French cyclist he’d met while he was out cycling on Easter Sunday. His search didn’t take long. Engels has found his missed connection!

A brief recap of the story: Engels and the young woman talked for just a few minutes until she suddenly turned onto another road, following the directions of her GPS. The only thing Engels knew about her was that she lived in Maastricht and worked at UM. He decided to call on Observant to help him find her.

It was a good decision, as it turned out. Last Sunday, a week after they met, Observant received an email with the subject line “I’m the French cyclist girl”. “A friend sent me a screenshot of the article”, says the postdoctoral researcher at FHML, who prefers to stay anonymous. “I read the article in Dutch, so it took me a while to realise it was about me.”

“I’m very impressed that he put so much effort into finding me. He deserves a reaction.” Engels and the French cyclist girl have agreed to meet up for ice cream tomorrow to continue the brief conversation they had on Easter Sunday. And no, she didn’t suddenly change directions to get away from Engels. “I later thought that it was probably a bit of a weird thing to do. But I’m not familiar with the area, so I didn’t want to ignore my GPS.”

Engels is a happy man. “Wow, so cool! This is great! Thank you so much”, was his response to receiving her contact information. They haven’t been texting or emailing a lot, Engels says, “but that’s fine. I’d prefer to talk to her in person. We’ll see what happens; I’m just glad I found her.”



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