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“My hair has been all the colours of the rainbow”

“My hair has been all the colours of the rainbow”


Loraine Bodewes

Anna Krikun (21, Russian/Swedish), third-year student of Psychology, describes her style as  “minimalistic and romantic”.

Wake-up call

“Five or so years ago, a friend said to me: “Your appearance mirrors how you feel.” That hit home for me, because it was true. I hid myself behind large T-shirts, trousers and hoodies. They mainly came from my brother. I wasn’t very self-confident and I wasn’t happy with the way I looked. Then I started to dress more stylishly and that changed my life. I am much more self-assured now: I am not afraid to speak to people at parties or to say when I like someone.”

Obsession with South Korea

“I love everything that is connected to South Korea. The music, TV shows and series are jolly and at the same time serious. Fashion is soft and cute; much more feminine than in the West. I combine that romanticism with a more minimalistic, androgynous and sturdy Swedish style. I love that contrast. One day I might wear a formal suit, the next day a pink dress; depending on how I feel. I shop at second-hand shops or off the peg places like H&M and Zara. I make my own interpretation of fashion. You will never see me in a print. Flowery prints on clothing is very popular in South Korea, but I think it is old-fashioned.”

Rainbow hair

“My hair has been all the colours of the rainbow: from blonde to black to pink to blue. I change it every six months. I am bisexual and many people within the LGBTQI community have dyed hair. It is the same in Sweden, by the way. It is alternative and looks good with the Pride rainbow flag. I cut my hair really short last summer and dyed it blonde. I’m letting it grow now and I will most likely dye it black soon. I love extreme changes and I don’t want to pin myself down to anything.”

Rings and piercings as memories  

“The only constant to my appearance are my rings and piercings. They symbolise extraordinary places where I have been. I have two ear piercings. I had the first one done in Moscow where my dad lives, when I was sixteen. At the time, I just thought it was very cool. The idea that they were memories on my body came later. I also have one in my tongue and my navel, from when I came to Maastricht. My last acquisition is a silver ring from South Korea. Going on that trip was a dream come true.”

Toning down the make-up

“When I first came to Maastricht, people said to me: “You wear a lot of make-up.” When I only had eyeliner and lipstick on. Extravagant make-up is the done thing in Sweden. Here I limit myself to mascara and lipstick during the week. But I go all out for parties, with colour or smokey eyes. I feel that make-up completes your outfit.“

Sjoertje Vos



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