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"As a ten-year-old I already knew what the Hermès logo was"

"As a ten-year-old I already knew what the Hermès logo was"


Loraine Bodewes

Dress to express

Thom Metselaar (21, Dutch), second-year student of International Business, describes his style as “basic streetwear focusing on shoes”. 

35 pairs
“The most important part of my outfit are my shoes. I choose a colour that I want to wear that day and base the rest of my clothes on that. At the moment, I have 35 pairs of sneakers. I easily spend most of my money on them every month. For example, I have a pair of Jordan 1 ‘Bred’ (the very first Jordan 1) but also Off-White x Nike and Adidas Yeezy 350. I show them regularly on Instagram (@thomasonmetselaar). I have been interested in various types of sneakers since I was fourteen. That then opened my world up to streetwear. This style comes from a variety of sports, such as basketball and skateboarding, but also from music styles. I myself like basketball and hip-hop. So, my love of clothes, sports and music are all linked together. ”

“I buy almost everything second-hand. That way I never pay the full price for the more expensive brands. I found a second-hand Ralph Lauren shirt, for example, for less money than I would pay for a new one at Zara. The jumper that I am wearing now, is a Burberry. I paid two hundred euro for it, whereas a new one would easily cost five hundred. You do have to actively search on Facebook and in WhatsApp groups to find good bargains. You also have to be careful that you don’t accidentally buy a fake.”

“Clothes say a lot about your personality and about how well-cared-for you are. I appreciate when I can see that other people have made an effort with their outfit. My best friends are also into it in various ways. They don’t all wear streetwear, but are interested in it. Sometimes they ask me for advice. That is ironic, because in secondary school people thought my style was weird.”

“My mother always wore a lot of brands and knows a lot about them. So, I actually grew up with them. As a ten-year-old I already knew what the Hermès logo was. I recognise brands immediately. So, I quickly saw that a female friend had a Gucci handbag. Her own friends didn’t notice until later. Items that suit my own style are often one of those brands. They play an important role in streetwear. After my study, I hope to be able to do something in one of those big brand companies, such as brand manager for Nike or Dior. A creative job within such a company also sounds like fun to me.”

“If I have to choose, I would rather be overdressed than underdressed. You will always make a statement with an outfit that is actually too much for the occasion. I have various outfits that suit every occasion, such as a long coat with Chelsea boots and a polo-necked jumper. Then you never run the risk of being over- or underdressed.”



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