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A cycling doctor to be

A cycling doctor to be


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First-year student

26 June 2020 is a day that Maud van der Velde (19) will never forget. That is when she heard that she had been accepted after all to study Medicine in Maastricht, having been on the waiting list until that time. 

The plan to become a doctor, came about when she was in her second year of Pre-vocational secondary education. Then she did higher general secondary education, and signed up for the study of surgical assistant. During the selection, she spent a day in the OR. That is when her fate was sealed. She thought it was great. “This was the real deal. I knew immediately that I wanted to become a surgeon. Yes, I love the cutting. The human body interests me, I want to make a difference in people’s lives, make them happy.” So, it was not the study to become an surgical assistant, but pre-university education in order to be able to go to university.

Her Inkom starts today, she says on Monday morning at 9:30hrs. At 11:45hrs she will meet her Inkom Group, online. “A great pity that it can’t be an actual gathering, but I will have the opportunity to get to know people during the course of the study.” We have an app for all the first-year medical students and I have been invited by two debating societies that are going to organise something.”

She will miss the association parties. But even if they were to take place, she wouldn’t attend them. “For almost a year now, I have been working as a care assistant in a care home. I prepare the breakfast or the lunch, help the residents eat it, read the newspaper and take walks with them. I wouldn’t want people to run a risk because of me. I had to wear a special suit at work in spring, because of COVID-19.” She will attend the open cycling training by the Dutch Mountains next Wednesday. Who knows, she might even become a member. Her racing bicycle is ready for action.

She is not moving into digs yet this year, “I want to see how things go. But in my second year, I will look for a room. I think it is important, it’s a new phase in your life, and if you live by yourself, you really have to take care of yourself and you will experience student life more intensely.” She might even join a student association. Koko, for example. But her study will always be a priority.




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