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Jumping while wearing high heels

Jumping while wearing high heels Jumping while wearing high heels


Joey Roberts

Opening Inkom

“Come on guys, to the beat, right.” The five members of the Working Group Inkom (WGI) are standing on the roof of the MECC on Monday evening. This is where the Inkom opening ceremony will take place shortly after, which can be viewed via a livestream. But first some practice is needed. And again; jumping while wearing high heels is no easy feat.

Preparations for tonight continue around the WGI. All cables are checked again so that the transmission from the roof will run flawlessly, the bluish green carpet (the colour of this Inkom edition) is rolled out and tables are set out at a 1.5 metre distance from each other. That is where the handful of invitees will be seated. Among them, says logistics manager Ilva Scherber, the parents of the WGI members. “It is a tradition that the parents attend the opening ceremony on the Markt. That was cancelled, but this way our parents can still see some of what we have put together.”

The stage – where DJs Remco Gaiteros, Freddy Moreira and Sophie Francis are going perform – is situated in such a way that you can see the Maastricht skyline in the background. “We chose this location in order to give students an idea of the city where they will be studying,” says Scherber.

Some crew members are looking anxiously at the sky. It is looking kind of dark in the distance. This open-air event may be corona-proof, but it does depend on the weather. Especially for Friday, when the final ceremony is planned in the same place, the forecasts are gloomy: showers and thunderstorms.

It stays dry for the WGI on Monday evening at any rate.  The jumping goes well too: no twisted ankles and the students dance the Inkom open to the right rhythm.



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