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A hybrid Inkom

A hybrid Inkom


Archive Derck Dolmans

First-year student

Will I or will I not go to Maastricht during the Inkom?’ Derck Dolmans (20) asked himself a couple of weeks ago. He opted for a combination. “I will stay at home the first three days, most of the programme is online, and I will attend the last two days. That is when I will meet some people from my group.”

At the moment, they use a group chat to keep in contact. “That is going well; the contact is fun. I receive an update approximately every fifteen minutes, ha ha.” The language used is English because there are two internationals among them.

As much as he hears from his Inkom group, the little he hears from the university. “I am really eager to start, but we haven’t heard anything about books, for example. I hope to get some clarity about that soon.” Dolmans is still with his parents in Kranenburg, just across the border near Nijmegen. “Delivery in Germany can take up to two weeks at times.”

His room in Maastricht is almost ready. “It is a very old room. We refurbished everything last week: the floor, painted. The only things left to move are my clothes, bicycle and computer.” It “wasn’t easy” to find a room. “You can really tell that there is a shortage of rooms in Maastricht. I looked on a lot of sites. You have to register everywhere and pay, anyway, you have to be prepared to go the whole haul.” He found nothing. Eventually, he came by an estate agent who had a weird way of letting rooms. “I had to write an anonymous piece about myself: who I am and how I wanted to be around my fellow housemates. The estate agent gives it to the landlord who then chooses someone. That was me!”



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