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“Ten more seconds, come on”

“Ten more seconds, come on”


Joey Roberts

Inkom UM Sport workout

The workout was fully COVID-proof. At the entrance to the sports hall, people were asked to scan a QR code and fill in a list of questions on their phone. If their screen turned green, they were allowed inside. The entire hall was being used so that participants had enough space to keep their distance from each other. Ten yellow sports cones had been set out. Each had a sheet of paper explaining the activity: an image, an overview of the muscle groups that would be used, and an advanced variation for the diehards. The exercises included push-ups, squats on a Bosu ball (like an exercise ball cut in half), planks, and every gym-goer’s favourite exercise: burpees.

After the warm-up, the students – seven groups of two – gathered at the cones. They were still laughing at this point, but they would soon realise that the workout was quite challenging indeed. The participants quickly started sweating and panting. Fortunately, there were two UM Sport instructors around to encourage them to keep going. “Ten more seconds! You’re halfway there, guys, come on! Two more pushups!” When they noticed that the first-year students could push themselves harder, they encouraged them to opt for the advanced variation.

To cool down, the students were given five abs exercises to do. The last one was particularly challenging: holding a plank for one minute, with variations ranging from pushing yourself up from your forearms to your hands and alternately raising your hands and feet off the ground. And, finally, some stretches. “Don’t worry, guys, we have no more exercises for you”, the instructor laughed.



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