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“Maastricht feels like home, like it’s my city”

“Maastricht feels like home, like it’s my city”

First-year student

“I grew up in Afghanistan, but have lived in the Netherlands for five years now,” says Haroon Rezaie (21), first-year student of European Studies. “I really want to know more about the place where I live and where my future lies, that is why I chose European Studies. I am really looking forward to discovering more about European history, how it works politically and all the European organisations that there are. I also like the fact that we will look at affairs from different perspectives: economic, political, historical. It keeps options open, later on you can choose what direction you want to take.

“I already lived in Maastricht and the city really feels like home, like it’s my city. I love the international character, I have my friends and acquaintances here, so I really wanted to stay. I will move into digs though. Via Match Maastricht (an organisation that supports students in setting up socially involved projects in the neighbourhood, ed.) I have been living in a house with two other people. Whether I find it scary to live by myself? No, it is fun. I have my own room, my privacy. But I can also have dinner with my parents if ever I don’t have time to cook; they live close by.

“I was supposed to be a volunteer photographer at the Inkom. Now that there are hardly any actual activities, that isn’t going to happen. Even the education programme will mostly be online, but I am glad that I do get to see my fellow students now and again. I am very social, and really like to make new contacts. That is a little tougher online.

“I certainly want to check out a number of associations. In the upcoming time, I will look and see which ones suit me best. I swim and like to play football; I also like to be politically and socially involved and I might join a student association.”



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