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Chicken phobia and a serenade for number 95623489

Chicken phobia and a serenade for number 95623489


Still from the virtual tour through the Natural History Museum

Inkom CultiNight

“What song would you like to hear, number 95623489?” The Inkom participants who logged in to the serenade evening by Tuna de Maastricht – part of the CultiNight – on Tuesday night, are assigned a random number as user name. Well, that is rather difficult to put into a romantic song. “Maybe we need to give them Spanish names,” one of the members suggests. “Like Esmeralda.” “Or Henk,” grins another.

During the CultiNight, first-year students can find out online what Maastricht has to offer in terms of culture. Pre-recorded tours guide them around the Bonnefanten Museum, the Natuurhistorisch Museum and the Dominicanenkerk. Toneelgroep Maastricht also shares a video – a scene from the play Noem het Maar Liefde.

The serenade evening by the Tuna and the improvisation session by student drama association Alles is Drama, are interactive. As is the case with the Tuna, it is also not busy here – only a handful of first-year students have logged in – but neither the actors nor the musicians mind very much.

For years, Alles is Drama has had an improvisation group and tonight they use improvised games to show how that works. “We are looking for a fear, a passion and a secret,” says host Lisa. Everyone in the chat can suggest ideas. The members then get to work. Zoe is scared of chickens; Jo has a passion for the sound of wind blowing through the trees, and Justin’s secret is that he is not human. They tell their stories, with a handicap: the next person to get a turn has to continue exactly where the last person stopped, so in the middle of a sentence.

Whether the first-year students enjoyed it, is difficult to say. As is proper Zoom behaviour, those who are not speaking have their microphones on mute and camera switched off.



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