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Digital pizza

Digital pizza


Line-Marie Eichhorst

Inkom Meals Maastricht

‘Learn to cook like a real Maastricht resident.’ That’s the promising description of the virtual event Meals of Maastricht, part of the Inkom 2020.

It’s Wednesday August 19, 6 pm, and I‘m standing in my kitchen in Germany. I am very hungry and a bit disappointed. When I read the description, I imagined some sort of live cooking together and here I am, on my own, watching an 8-minute-long YouTube video. In it, one of the owners of the Italian restaurant Donatello‘s, located in Maastricht, describes how to make the perfect pizza Margarita.

I soon realize that my pizza will take longer than 8 minutes, because the first lesson in the video is: good dough needs patience.

Unfortunately, my hunger is bigger than my patience, so I only leave the dough to rise for an hour. The further instructions are not surprising; add tomato sauce, mozzarella, garlic, put the pizza in the oven, and wait.

Maybe it’s my impatience, or that I don’t own a pizza-stone-oven, but the final result doesn't look half as good as the one in the video. Nevertheless, the pizza still tastes great and when I finally arrive in Maastricht, I know a good place to get pizza.

Line-Marie Eichhorst, winner of the Observant Writing Workshop



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