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From the cosmos to whiteboard cloths

From the cosmos to whiteboard cloths From the cosmos to whiteboard cloths From the cosmos to whiteboard cloths


1. The work of Nathalie Brans, seen from one of the round windows on the first floor. In the background a work by Ruben Philipsen can be seen. Photo: Joey Roberts

2. Pulaski Skyway 2020 - Andries Hoogenraad

3.  'Waar je voeten staan, waar je gedachten gaan'. (Where your feet stand, where your thoughts go) - Titia Eggen 60x80 cm - photo on aluminium.

Exhibition by four UM receptionists

They paint, create installations, booklets, collages, photographs. But art in all different forms is not the only thing that Andries Hoogenraad, Nathalie Brans, Ruben Philipsen and Titia Eggen have in common. All four are also receptionists at Maastricht University. Their joint exhibition Teken aan de Wand (Sign on the Wall) can now be seen on the Minderbroedersberg 4-6.


The first thing visitors will see as they enter the administrative offices, is a canvas with four circles by Nathalie Brans that is hanging in front of the round window in an empty space (see photo). You can see the shadow of the window through the textile; as if the work was designed for this space. “I had it with me when we first came to look at the space,” says Brans, who works at the desk at Universiteitssingel 50. “That empty space is extremely beautiful and because we didn’t have much wall space available to us, I wanted to see if I could show my work in a different way.”

The circles are images of the sun, made with special chemicals. “If you soak textile in it and then allow it to dry, it reacts to sunlight. I like that, that the object also plays a role in the technique that I use.” Brans is fascinated by the cosmos. “It is all-embracing, infinite. And so is the inspiration that I get from it.”

For Andries Hoogenraad, who works shifts in both Randwyck and at FASoS, inspiration comes in the form of a snapshot. That could be the first view cast on New York, from a Greyhound bus that left Washington hours earlier. But also that one week in which the American Gleditsia, which he sees on the way to his studio, have a fresh greeny-yellowish colour. “I take photographs and studies of that moment. Then it just lies around for a while. But eventually I will do something with it,” says Hoogenraad. Sometimes very intensively for weeks on end, sometimes with gaps of up to several years.

Hoogenraad sees similarities between his work and that of the other artists at the exhibition. It says ‘Where have I been’ on a tile in Titia Eggen’s installation. In her work, there are recurring themes such as ‘being on the road’ and ‘here at this moment’. Ruben Philipsen shows his vision on reality through photographs and by putting objects that he has found in a different light. An example is the collage of cloths that were used by people to clean whiteboards.

“It is all about the spirit of the place,” says Hoogenraad. “That one moment.”

The exhibition can be viewed indefinitely during office hours. You can see more work by the artists on their websites:



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