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"Love, Lieke"

"Love, Lieke" "Love, Lieke" "Love, Lieke"



Student associations support the elderly with gingerbread cookies

MAASTRICHT. “In these strange times, I hope that you still have nice holidays and that your 2021 is filled with many friends and family. Love, Lieke.”

A van loaded with about five hundred bags of gingerbread cookies, each with a personal message. There are three students behind the wheel: Quinty de Jong from Koko, Guus Vorst from Circumflex and Luuk Voogelaar from Tragos. Today (4 December), the three of them drive past nine Maastricht nursing homes to bring the residents a present. "We want to spoil the elderly during the holidays."

The fourth location of their tour is nursing home "De zeven bronnen" in Amby. The trio parks the bus and begins unloading the "cargo". Due to corona, the bags of gingerbread cookies cannot be delivered personally. They leave the load in the hall, where the staff gratefully puts them on a large cart. To give it a personal twist, there is a handwritten, individual message from one of the student association members with each bag of gingerbread cookies. These students are also the people who paid for the bags. Frost: "With a tikkie." €2.80 per donation.

“Social involvement is important,” says Vorst. But why the oldies? "We want to put the elderly in the spotlight because it has been an extra tough year for them due to corona." De Jong: "For example, there have been far fewer visitors."



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