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Opinion article: A call for proposals, now also in education!

Opinion article: A call for proposals, now also in education!


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

It makes me rather cynical…finding an email from FHML with a call for proposals along six themes in order to fulfill the Quality Agreement that promised students and teaching staff more resources for high quality education, after taking away the Studiefinanciering from the students, says Carijn Beumer.

We don’t need calls for proposals, we don’t need more bureaucracy, we don’t need more taskforces for improving the quality of education! All we need is more time and the trust from our boards that we are quite well capable to do this job professionally! High quality education will follow by itself. If proposal writing now also spills over from research to education, I foresee a future where teaching staff (which is also often research staff at the same time) will collapse even sooner and faster than we are already doing.

Carijn Beumer, assistant professor Global Health, department of HES FHML



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