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Relax and play a board game

Relax and play a board game

Photographer:Fotograaf: Simone Golob

Behind the status

Join us today from 1.30 till 6 pm in our open living room. We are located only a one-minute walk away from the inner city library and we have free coffee, tea and WiFi. We might play a game of table soccer.

“We thought students might want a quiet place to sit down and have a break,” says Christine Gotthardt, third-year European Studies and member of the Student board of Tafelstraat 13, the ecumenical student chaplaincy of Maastricht. The living room of Tafelstraat 13 has been open to everyone on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for six months now.

“People can come in for a cup of coffee or tea – it’s free. We also have WiFi so it’s a good place to study. Or you can play the piano – we even had some jam sessions – read a book, play a board game or just have a talk,” says Gotthardt. Students can walk in and out all afternoon. “At the moment it’s a bit quiet, people are busy studying for exams, but sometimes there are twenty people here. We want to build a community. The living room is a good way for people to get to know each other and interact and to get to know Tafelstraat 13.”

Besides just hanging out, students can also join the Dutch language workshops on Tuesday. “We have Dutch native speakers who help people to get started learning the language. We got a lot of response to the idea, people often don’t get a chance to actually speak and practice Dutch. Here they can talk on their own level, even if they just learn how to say their name. And they don’t need to subscribe or anything.”

The student board wants to expand the workshops. “From January onwards there will be knitting workshops. I knit, so I’ll be here if people have questions. When you’ve just started knitting, you always get stuck a few times,” tells Gotthardt. Other workshops can easily be added. “If someone has a talent they want to teach to others, they’re more than welcome to.”



2014-05-22: Maastrichtse Activiteiten-Groep Servatius
There's a real boardgame playing group in Maastricht as well.
That group is part of Maastrichtse Activiteiten-Groep Servatius.
Please see our site (in Dutch, but Google can translate) for mor information.

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