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Extra hurdles for foreign employees at CZ

Extra hurdles for foreign employees at CZ


MAASTRICHT. Foreign UM employees who have accessed the English version of the new collective health insurance company CZ’s website, and continue by clicking Calculate your premium, are shown a Dutch registration form. Those who live in Belgium, pay an additional 9.25 per cent tax for the supplementary insurance. And registering online from Germany or Belgium? Not possible.

The new collective health insurance company does not make things very easy for UM employees who have no command of Dutch or who live abroad (371 in Belgium, 102 in Germany) and want to transfer to CZ. “On the contrary, we specifically took cross-border workers into consideration when we chose the new health insurer,” emphasised Hay Manders, deputy manager of Human Resources Management. “CZ is the foreign specialist in the Netherlands. I think it is a good choice, but things are not going as expected with the practical implementation. That is disappointing for us as well, and we are working hard to fix things. We are meeting again very soon.”

For example, the UM was not aware that employees who live abroad cannot register online. Something that resulted in irritation here and there, not in the least because it was only clear later on in the year exactly who the health insurer would be. “This is not the dark ages, we have reported this to CZ as well.”

The additional 9.25 per cent tax, Manders explained, is not just standard with CZ, who has a lot of ‘Netherbelgians’ in its portfolio, but with most health insurers. “With Zilveren Kruis (the previous insurer, ed.) we had successfully negotiated on that issue. As a result of that it had disappeared from our overviews and that is why we did not bring it up during the negotiations with CZ. There will be more negotiations concerning this point.” Whether something will come of it, is not clear yet.

And last but not least: the foreign employees who - having accessed an English site - click Calculate your premium, only to end up with a Dutch registration form. “It wasn’t finished in time. It is still being worked on. Both CZ and we sincerely regret that things did not go as we had hoped,” says Manders.



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