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Getting involved in student life

Getting involved in student life

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

Infomarket Get Involved

MAASTRICHT. An information market where various student organisations present themselves; many students will recognise this from the Inkom. There was nothing like that for those who come to Maastricht in February, until now, that is. The Center for European Studies (CES) seized the opportunity to fill the gap and organised Get Involved, an information market for foreign students, which was held in the Student Services Centre for the first time last Tuesday. “Certainly as an exchange student you are here for such a short time that you have to quickly find out all the things you can do,” says Laura Marley from CES. “Our students are given enough information about the study programme but not about life as a student here.”

“It’s really helpful,” says European Studies student Ethan Heral, who arrived in Maastricht ten days ago, from the USA. “I'm here until June, so I hope that’s enough time to get involved in something. The activities of Studium Generale sound really interesting.” The organisations are also glad to have an opportunity to present themselves. “After the Inkom, there is no other occasion when all foreign students come together,” says a member of AEGEE, a European student association. “We have plenty of short projects in which exchange students can participate.” His colleagues from Enactus, a global non-profit student organisation, nod in agreement. “Even if you just come for a day, it helps. If you know people and do things, you will feel more at home in Maastricht more quickly.”



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