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Stuff that everybody left behind

Stuff that everybody left behind

Photographer:Fotograaf: Simone Golob

Behind the Status

Come on people and have some fun on a wonderful Saturday with cake and lovely warm drinks… We have so much stuff to give! Love & see you there, The Ullies

The residents of a student house at Meester Ullrichweg, known as ‘The Ullies’, recently organised a flea market. “Some of us are moving out and not able to take all our stuff home”, explains Joana Bulok, a graduate of Costume and Stage Design. “Also, this student house has existed for 30 years and with everybody leaving stuff behind, things tend to pile up.”

The Ullies made a special Facebook event and advertised it on the Shop & Go page. “A lot of people showed up, around 45 I think”, says Yva Górny, a Dance Movement Therapy student and fellow Ullie. “Some of them are friends, but I was surprised that a lot of people we don’t know also showed up.” Bulok: “The whole market was more of a social event where we served drinks and cake. Because of that, people were having a good time, stayed longer and bought more.”

They sold not only clothes, but also books, furniture, electronics and a whole range of weird junk. Bulok: “One of our housemates collects all sorts of random things. Children’s toys, the arm of a display mannequin; she’s obsessed with crazy things.” Not to mention a home-made foosball table: “Two people from New Zealand came in and one of them, a guy, freaked out when he saw the foosball table. He took it, threw us some money and ran out. We later found out he’s the national foosball champion of New Zealand and until now hadn’t been able to play here in Maastricht.”

They took the leftovers to a second-hand store. Górny: “I’ve already taken one Ikea bag full of clothes and we still have one bag at our house. But still, the sale was a success so we might do it again.”


Iris Becx




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