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SBE satisfied about pilot exam fraud

SBE satisfied about pilot exam fraud

MAASTRICHT. The School of Business and Economics (SBE) looks back with satisfaction on its trial project using metal detectors to combat exam fraud. The test took place on 24 January during the Quantitative Methods 3 exam in the Mecc. Economics will continue to use the equipment in the future to detect mobile phones in the toilet facilities, said director Edward Peters last Monday during the faculty council meeting, even though the evaluation has not been completed yet.

It was SBE student council members who put the problem of mobile phone fraud on the faculty council agenda last year. Since then students may only go to the toilet three times during an exam and may no longer take exam papers home afterwards.

Prior to the pilot, dean Philip Vergauwen explained to the students in a video message on Eleum and Facebook why the metal detectors were needed. That could have been done sooner, says a student council member. Now communication was rather chaotic.

According to Peters, the students’ reactions to the trial were positive. Nobody was hindered by the detection process. “We like to move on.”



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