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Private tutoring

Behind the Status

Hi everyone! I'm offering private tutoring for QM1, QM2 and QM3, I have an engineering background and experience with teaching to IB and SBE students in Maastricht. Just PM me for details and contact information!

Private tutoring in Quantitative Methods (QM) is the only thing on offer on the Maastricht Tutor Network page on Facebook in February and March. The QM courses are compulsory for many students at the School of Business and Economics. One of the tutors offering their services is Julien Rouger.

It seems that these courses, which involve a great deal of maths and statistics, are a dreaded subject in the curriculum. “I think that’s because of the time pressure”, says Rouger. “When I first saw the course book, I thought the workload would be spread over three or four months, but it turns out that everything has to be taught within just seven weeks. Students have to acquire a lot of knowledge about different subjects within a short amount of time. What’s more, some students lack the right background. If you’re not familiar with the basics of math, that makes it a lot harder.”

As hard as it may be for some, to Rouger it comes naturally. “My background is in engineering and I’m doing my graduate studies in neuroscience. Two things that are not at all related to economics, but I guess I have a natural affinity for maths. Also, I love to teach, so tutoring is an obvious move.”

Rouger takes a systematic approach to teaching. “I’m very stubborn and persistent. When one way of explaining doesn’t work, I rephrase, or take a step back. I’ve had cases where students had extreme gaps in their knowledge and catching up seemed impossible – but I like to think it’s always possible to find a way out.”

Iris Becx




2016-10-14: Paul-Alexander Herr
Hi there,

I am looking for a private tutor for QM1. I am currently going through past exams and need assistance for some problems. My exam is on the 28th of October. Anywhere to that time is fine with me.

Thanks for getting back to me.


2018-01-09: Emilie

I would like to know if you are available tomorrow for a private session of QM1 as I have an oncoming exam on Friday so quite urgent. I would really appreciate your help.

Kind regards,
2020-09-01: Ema
Dear Iris,

I just taking QM3, and I realized quite a lot of the content I have not covered in my prerequisite courses I have took at UCM. (Note: I am taking QM3 as an external course). I am looking for weekly help, in order to stay on track. Are you available in the upcoming two months?

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

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