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Student party shut down prematurely

Student party shut down prematurely

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MAASTRICHT. The Maastricht police closed down a student party on the Ruttensingel prematurely last Saturday after complaints about noise. The one hundred to one hundred and fifty partygoers, mainly German students, were sent home.

Sometimes the police only give a warning and the party can continue after the music has been turned down. This time, however, not only was the volume control on high, but there were too many people present on the first and second floors (above a business). The safety of this large group was not guaranteed, say the police: “Imagine if a fire were to start, there would be too few escape routes.”

Student liaison officer Paul Vermin pointed out that at least once a week a party is shut down prematurely. “Mostly organised by foreign students. I visit them afterwards and explain the dangers. You have to convince them using goodwill, that is all you can do.” The police, together with the university and city council, are trying to come up with a strategy to discourage these kinds of gatherings. Vermin: “Students say: we want to organise parties, but there are no suitable locations.”

Ending the party on the Ruttensingel last weekend, was done without any discord, said the police spokesperson. Nobody was arrested, but a caution was issued for noise disturbance.




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