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Tips from experienced tutors

Tips from experienced tutors

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MAASTRICHT. What do you do with a student who, for the umpteenth time, comes to a tutorial group meeting unprepared? How do you deal with a group that depends too much on the tutor? And what is the best approach to that quiet member in the group? The DVD Tips from experienced tutors - which is a Leading-in-Learning project that is being launched in Dutch and English today -  explains how such dilemmas can be solved.

The DVD is meant primarily for newcomers taking the PBL training, says project leader and education expert at the Faculty of Law, Cathérine de Rijdt. But more experienced lecturers and colleagues from outside the UM can also benefit from it. Tutors from various faculties (including Solange Daenen and Catalina Goanta, both from the Faculty of Law, Thijs Mulder from the School of Business and Economics, Geerts Somsen from Arts and Social Sciences) give their secret tips for each topic in no more than two minutes. De Rijdt: “There is no golden rule. Whether or not an approach works, depends on so many factors, like the tutor’s personality, the time the block is given, the content, group cohesion, et cetera. Ultimately we hope that new lecturers will consider and discuss these issues, discover their own style and build on that.” First reactions to the DVD, during pilot viewings at Law, Arts and Social Sciences and SBE, were “enthusiastic,” according to De Rijdt. 



The DVD (in Dutch or English) can be ordered from Price: UM insiders 60 euro, excl. 6% VAT. Outsiders: 95 euro, excl. 6% VAT.



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