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More than one hundred nationalities

Rumour has it, that more than one hundred nationalities were represented on Maastricht's market square on Tuesday afternoon and even though the quick survey by the mayor of Maastricht, Onno Hoes, could not quite prove the presence of participants from Ethiopia or Trinidad and Tobago, there surely were many European as well as non-European students. After inviting all new students to be ambassadors for Maastricht as cultural capital of 2018, Onno Hoes then introduced the crowd to a “very special lady”, the Dutch folk-singer Beppie Kraft. What followed was a crash-course in Dutch culture, and it became clear that it is absolutely possible to compensate a lack of language skills with a sufficiently high level of alcohol. Not everybody was quite in the mood for swaying to and fro to Beppie's tunes though. One group of students gathered around their INKOM-daddies and sang the “Spiderpig-song” in competition to what was happening on stage. However, they quickly gave up and joined the rest of the students, when rapper Ali B. came on stage to get the party going.

Svenja Quitsch



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