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IndepenDANCE or IndepenRELAX?

IndepenDANCE or IndepenRELAX? IndepenDANCE or IndepenRELAX?

At four o'clock in the afternoon, the first-year students are not yet in the mood to move their feet to the sounds of music. Tired from the activities and the night before most people at the indepenDANCE festival are rather sitting in the grass, enjoying the sunny weather with ice cream and a drink. Vera van Aller, 18 and originally from Eindhoven is one of them: “I like it here, because it is nice being outside in the park, listening to music and having some food”. Van Aller is talking about the dinner 'Around the World' which was served from 5 p.m. onwards. Stalls with smoothies, soda and beer are located all over the festival area to satisfy the students' thirst. Xue Manz and her two friends are a little disappointed of the IndepenDANCE: “We would prefer a different kind of music. It is always the same: only beats and sounds, no voices. But it is nice to chill here though.” Is that the reason why the 'dancefloors' in front of the Dj podia look a bit lonely? Van Aller disagrees: “I'm going to dance later.” Must have been more people with the same thought. After a while an increasing number of students are dancing to the beats.


Catharina Rudschies



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