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In difficulties because of tutorial on July 3rd

In difficulties because of tutorial on July 3rd

Photographer:Fotograaf: Simone Golob

Behind the status

Hey! Is anyone else in difficulties because of the Research Methods tutorial on July 3rd because they already made summer plans?

“Huh? UCM Freshmen is a private Facebook group, isn’t it? I deliberately didn’t put my question on the regular UCM page so that lecturers would not be able to see it. Can you also just access it?” Just a matter of signing in; Observant was admitted without much trouble.
Annelies van der Meij (20), first-year student at the University College, posted her appeal more than two weeks ago. “In the academic calendar, the week of 3 July is reserved for resits. So I thought: I have no resits, so I am free.” Wrong. In May – rather late according to them – Van der Meij and her fellow-students received a notice that there would be a Research Methods tutorial on Thursday 3 July. Judging by some of the reactions, it wasn’t only a surprise for Van der Meij. A fellow-student writes: “Serious issues. Because it is ‘re-sit week’ I didn’t expect there to be any scheduled meetings or tutorials, besides the make up exams.”
Unlike what one might expect reading the term ‘tutorial’, this is the final meeting of the compulsory skills subject Research Methods, in which students work on a project in groups. The students will be expected to present their findings to each other on 3 July. Van der Meij’s group will reveal the results of a study carried out among fellow-students who were submitted to a seven-day ban on WhatsApp and Facebook.
Research Methods is a new subject. “So not set in stone and fun in the sense that we can give our input. But we do feel a little like guinea pigs.”
It is still unsure whether Van der Meij will be able to attend the compulsory presentation meeting, seeing as she is going to Peru for seven to eight weeks within the framework of Aiesec’s Ambassador’s programme. She will be travelling around, visiting various branches of Aiesec and doing voluntary work in a nursery. “My plane ticket is sponsored. I have already indicated that I would now prefer to leave on Friday the 4th – so that I can attend the tutorial – but I don’t know if they will take my wishes into consideration.”




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