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"I miss the German bread"

"I miss the German bread"

Torsten Bode (25), a master student International Business, Strategy and Innovation from Germany is the first to be interviewed in this new series in which we will follow freshmen through their first year at Maastricht University.

Torsten Bode (25), a master student International Business, Strategy and Innovation, from Germany

Why Maastricht?

“A couple of friends are already studying here and were very positive about Maastricht. So I looked it up online and thought, yes, that’s where I want to go. Maastricht University is very high in rankings and it has a good reputation, too.”

What do you expect out of your time here?

“I expect that it’s a good University. Its slogan is leading in learning, so I hope this will be true. And of course, I expect a nice time.”

What did you do before you came here?

“I studied Business Administration in Mannheim and Norway. I’ve also been working as a consultant for two years, during and after my Bachelor. I’m member of a student consultancy and I work for it part-time.”

How many people do you already know in Maastricht?

“About seven, I guess. Three of them studied together with me. I also know some of them through my work at the student consultancy.”

Would you like to join a student or sport association?

“Yes, of course! I want to join Scope 3MA, a SBE study association. It’s quite interesting what they do. They organize workshops and events. It sounds fun and I’ve already done something similar in Mannheim.”

What do you think your group of friends will look like? International or not?

“I think it will be very international. Hopefully, my friends will be from all countries. Back in Norway, we tended to group up with international students, too.”

What will you miss from home?

“The German bread. When I went shopping yesterday I found nothing similar. But maybe I simply have to look a bit more.”

What will replace that?

“I think they also have a nice cuisine here in the Netherlands. For example French Fries.” (laughs)


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