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Never forgetting to take something with you

Behind the Status

PackPoint will recommend what you need to pack based on length of travel, weather at your destination, and any activities planned during your trip.

The idea for PackPoint, an App that helps you pack for a short or long journey, came from an American. Someone from India developed the software and the marketing is done by a student from Maastricht. “I applied for the vacancy through oDesk, a website where freelancers from anywhere in the world can offer their services,” says International Business student Robert Hopman.

PackPoint has been available for eight months now and can be downloaded free of charge by Android users. “We are now working on a version for the iPhone. It is going well, the App is downloaded 150 to 350 times a day.”

You can indicate in the App where you are travelling to, when you are going, and what your activities will be there. For example, is it a business trip or a holiday, are you going hiking and cycling, or visiting a city. The App searches for the weather forecast and then provides a list of recommendations. The list can subsequently be complemented with specific things such as medication or a favourite jumper. “The handy thing about this list is that you always have it with you, contrary to a list on a piece of paper. If you suddenly remember something, you can add it immediately.”

The App is regularly updated, the sixth version is now available. “We have, for example, added the possibility of sharing your list with others. That way your travelling companions can see what you are taking with you and you can see what others who are making a similar trip, have on their lists.”

Maybe in the future there will be an option for selecting extreme sports as an activity. “We get a lot of questions about that. There were participants of the Dakar rally, a race with trucks through the desert, who asked if we could make a specific list for them. We were also approached by people who are going on an expedition to the North Pole.”



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