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Anti Mosquitoes App

Anti Mosquitoes App

  • Anti Mosquitoes
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With a push on the button, the Anti Mosquitoes App (of which there are a number of alternatives on the market, for Android as well) transforms your telephone into a mosquito-repellent device. Ultrasonic sound makes these bloodsucking insects retreat in hordes. At least that is the idea. “We had a fly in our office and it was such a nuisance,” says Charlotte Groven, communication manager at the Limburg University Fund. “We thought: ‘There has to be something we can do about this’. A colleague came up with the Anti-Fly App. The animal left the room in no time and flew into the room across from us, my boss’s office. Hilarious.” That is how Groven came across the Anti Mosquitoes App. “Anti-fly, anti-mosquito, there is even an anti-cockroach app.”
The important question is: does it work? “I went camping in a tent this summer and I was hardly stung at all. Admittedly, there weren’t a lot of insects this year. In addition, I rubbed an anti-mosquito remedy all over myself, just to be sure.”
One disadvantage: “The app uses a lot energy.” She didn’t hear the ultrasound itself; the frequency is too high for the human ear.
Scientific research has been carried out on the reaction of mosquitoes to ultrasonic devices. Brazilian biologists conclude that mosquitoes don’t flee from the sound but are in fact attracted to it and sting more often.


Must have app, according to staff and students



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