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“We had the beach all to ourselves”

“We had the beach all to ourselves” “We had the beach all to ourselves”

Photographer:Fotograaf: archief Roos Malmberg

Far away eyes

In Far away eyes students and staff talk about their travels; the countries, the people, the experiences. UCM-student and experienced traveller Roos Malmberg is first up.

Roos Malmberg (22), a fourth-year UCM student from the Netherlands

She’s only just back from Spain and will be on the road again tonight. Roos Malmberg is what you would call an experienced traveller. “My parents used to take us on trips far away every summer, so it’s in my system. Although my travel style is very different from theirs. With them it’s more about visiting small towns and churches; I’m more adventurous. I like to travel alone; you can make all your decisions by yourself.”

Her best journey so far was a road trip through Australia. “We drove to a wonderful National Park in the south. It was very green and quiet. One day we arrived at the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen and we had it all to ourselves.” Downunder is high on her revisit list. “I love it, I want to live there.”

The worst experience she had was in Bali. “I got a type of malaria. I was on my own and I couldn’t eat or walk more than 20 metres. I had to lie in bed for three weeks. My dad came over to take care of me.”

She’s now preparing to walk the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, and after that, new destinations continue to attract. “I always ache for travel. Sometimes I even wish I’d never started; then I wouldn’t know what I’m missing.”



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