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  • Vittle
  • Video clip/education/creativity
  • Free, € 7.99
  • iOS, iPad

The developers of this App call themselves qrayon, a reference to le crayon (French for pencil). That is no coincidence. When the Vittle App is opened, it reveals a whiteboard that can be used to draw, write, paste photographs or load PDFs. In addition, the user can add an oral note. Put some sheets one after the other, and lo and behold, you have a video. Bram Akkermans, assistant professor of European Private Law, regularly makes Vittle presentations for his students.
Observant received an example: a video of approximately two minutes about ‘Negotiations’, part of the subject of European Contract Law, and is meant as an aid for students.
“Hello, this is a short video I’ve recorded to help you to prepare…” he says. In black ink one handwritten word appears after the other: “Negotiations, instructions, tools and techniques”.
It is true that Akkermans’ handwriting is legible, but you have to concentrate. Grinning: “You can adapt everything in Vittle, except the handwriting. I made this video quickly on my iPad while I was in the train.”
Akkermans sees the videos as a form of flip learning, originally designed as a system in which the role of classical teaching and homework is switched. “I used to give instructions during the tutorial group meetings, for example about ‘how to learn’ or the contents of a block. Using this video, which students can watch beforehand on Eleum, that is no longer necessary. You can then use the lessons for more in-depth work.”
The name Vittle, by the way, is derived from the word “victual” (food). The makers wanted to create an app “for creating nourishment for the brain”.



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