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Celebrating liberation with free(dom) burgers and techno music

Celebrating liberation with free(dom) burgers and techno music

Photographer:Fotograaf: Archive Raymond Zeekaf (made by his grandfather Louis Zeekaf)

MAASTRICHT. An interactive Second World War tour, music performances by young Limburg talent, an art workshop, free(dom) burgers and in the evening a techno party in student association Tragos’ Nox. That is how, on Saturday 13 September, youngsters and students will celebrate the fact that Maastricht was liberated seventy years ago, six months earlier than the rest of the Netherlands. The grounds of the Tapijn barracks (chosen because of the grounds military history and its future purpose as a ‘meeting place’ between the university and the city) will be the venue for the Maastricht Liberation Day Event from 12:30hrs. to 17:00hrs. This will also be the official opening of the barracks as a public area.

Elsewhere in the city, the liberation will be remembered as well. “I hope people will be able to find us,” says Martijn Weyenberg, former secretary of the Maastricht student council, one of the participating organisations. He feels that it is logical that students are involved in the celebrations. “Students, after all, form a large part of the population in Maastricht. I don’t know if students feel really involved in the liberation of Maastricht. But the Second World War has had such a tremendous influence on world history that its effect doesn’t just disappear in our generation.”

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