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Who still knows all traffic rules?

Who still knows all traffic rules?

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

MAASTRICHT. What do give-way road-markings look like? When should you yield? Officials from Veilig Verkeer Nederland (Road Safety in the Netherlands) answered these and other questions during a Traffic Safety workshop, which was held last Thursday during the Get Involved information market in the Student Services Centre. Various organisations within the university, such as UM Sport, UNSA and Alles is Drama, presented themselves to foreign students.

This is the first time that traffic safety lessons were given and awareness among the public is negligible. Nobody turned up for the first workshop; two students joined the second session. “We advertised it through social media and on our website, but obviously not enough people know about it,” says organiser Mieke Weijers.

But it did catch someone’s eye: the International Student Ambassador Programme (ISAP) wants to include the workshops in its programme. Driving instructor Johan Mulkens, who gives the workshop, thinks that this is good news, because information is really necessary. “The last few years, I have seen more and more cyclists on the road who don’t know the rules or ignore them. A red traffic light means nothing anymore. This results in dangerous situations and a lot of irritation among other road users.”

The rest of the market was also quiet initially, but it was busier later. “I hope they will advertise more next time, for example, by distributing flyers,” says Paul van Hoorn from European student association AEGEE. He was satisfied nevertheless. “There were a few people who stopped by who were really interested in becoming members.”



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