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“Fear will feel like an illusion once you face it”

“Fear will feel like an illusion once you face it”

MAASTRICHT. "Success is a matter of luck; ask any failure." joked Robin Sieger, an awarded speaker on motivation and success at the Ambassador lecture series at the completely packed SBE Lecture Hall on Wednesday 25th September 2014.

Sieger commenced by eloquently laying down the principles of success. Define your goal, create a flexible strategy to get to it, have the confidence and the ability to believe in something, have no fear for failure, find a purpose in what you are doing and lastly, celebrate your success by reinforcing yourself.

A strategy he used in his own life as well. In order to get over a fear of heights Sieger scheduled sky-diving classes. He sat outside his car the first day and couldn't go in even after two hours of contemplation. He called up the flight school but they asked him to come the next day. Reluctantly, he went in and completed his first dive (he shows the audience a video of this). Sieger overcame his fear and has successfully completed more than 100 dives.

Fear will feel like an illusion once we face it, he said. And also: "You can always start again." It apparently inspired the students as they gave him a thunderous applause at the end of his lecture as he took up the many questions from the audience.

Anupriya Dutta



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