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Start-up cleaner 2.0

Start-up cleaner 2.0

  • Start-up cleaner 2.0
  • Energy/privacy/technical
  • Free
  • Android

“I have a Google telephone that downloads the latest version of Android as soon as it is available. After one of those updates I noticed that my battery was low more quickly than before. After half a day instead of after two days,” says Ewout van den Engel, web editor at the Faculty of Psychology.
He went looking for a solution and found the start-up cleaner 2.0. “The fault appeared to lie not so much with the system, but with the apps that are continually running in the background. Examples are and Marktplaats. They constantly try to pin-point your location and use a lot of energy, while you hardly ever use them.”

Since installing the app killer, Van den Engel can go two days without using his charger. “An additional advantage: your privacy is better protected because all that data is not being continually sent on.”





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