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Uber app

Uber app

  • Uber app
  • Travel/car/service
  • Free
  • iOS, Android


A taxi at half price, most people wouldn’t turn their nose up to that. The app from the American Uber company means competition for traditional taxi companies. Members can see where the Uber cars are on a map. The taxi is called by pressing on the car of your choice.
The app shows beforehand the approximate price of the trip. The base rate is €3, after that you pay €1.90 per kilometre. With other taxi companies, the base rate is often a little lower but the kilometre price is 20-30 cent higher, so long trips in particular are a lot more expensive. Payment is through your credit card, so you don’t have to have cash on you. If the driver is rude, you can use the app to leave a complaint so that other users know which drivers they should avoid.
Taxi firms are not happy with Uber. They claim that Uber bypasses taxi regulations, because they also work with private drivers. Last weekend, four Uber drivers were fined in Amsterdam for working without a taxi licence. In Berlin and Brussels use of the app is prohibited. Niek van Leeuwen, manager of Uber Netherlands, feels that the Taxi Act, which dates from 2000, is obsolete and should be evaluated and adapted.



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