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Aversion to pensions

Aversion to pensions

Photographer:Fotograaf: Sander Oleana

Tricks of the Trade

Last Monday, third-year International Business student Monika Hulewicz (21) and her team won the Branding Communication contest of the School of Business and Economics. Together they developed a project to increase awareness of a rather unpopular topic: pensions.

“The word ‘pension’ has many negative connotations. Loss of social relevance, physical decline, nursing homes, etc. Yet taking care of your pension is important both societally and economically. After doing some research, we found out that people, especially those of our age, don’t look past the near future. Part of my Brand Management course involved developing a solution to this problem, to get people interested and informed. Initially we were hoping for a flashier topic, but it ended up being really interesting to apply the theory we’d learned in practice. At the end of the course all forty-two student teams presented their projects at a fair, where a jury with representatives of industry, government and academia chose the best project in terms of creativity, feasibility, argumentation and clear communication. We didn’t expect to win, but now that we did it feels really good. Also, having our projects judged by professionals who are very knowledgeable about pensions was a good experience.

“We had a lot of creative freedom in our assignment, and were allowed to choose our own target group. During a brainstorming session we came up with the idea of focusing on people aged 25 to 35 who like to travel. During interviews, many young people told us they had no trouble saving money to travel to Asia and South America. We also found that they would be more likely to invest in pensions that can offer them the opportunity to keep traveling after they retire. This way, we were able to change the negative connotations of pensions into something positive.

“From there we started developing a website, flyers, posters and a video. We all had our own tasks, but we are last-minute workers as well. So we were a bit stressed before the deadline. One of my team members was running around on the morning of the fair, trying to get our posters and flyers printed, while I was going over the project once more during my lecture. But since we all worked in a similar way no one was really bothered by this, and it all turned out pretty well.”

Iris Fraikin

In this series, students talk about their inspiring (research) projects



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