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  • qlearning
  • University/learning/helpful
  • Free
  • iOS and Android

Imagine you are sitting in the train on your way home just staring out the window. You have an exam in a couple of days and you haven’t studied for it yet. That is when David Damjakob, International Business student, picks up his telephone and opens qlearning.
The app, which was developed together with a Maastricht alumnus, contains a large number of subject-specific flash cards and summaries. You can select the university where you study and the courses that you are taking. Flash cards are cards that contain a question or definition of a concept on one side and the answer on the other. With a push on a button, you can turn the card around and then indicate whether your answer was correct or incorrect. The incorrectly answered cards will show up again and again. “Very helpful when you have time to kill, for example when you are in the bus or train, or if you are waiting for somebody,” says Damjakob. “It allows you to spend a few minutes learning.” The app also has a game element; you can challenge fellow-students to a competition through Facebook.
“The summaries and flashcards are provided by students who are high achievers in your field of study, who are also paid for this,” says Damjakob. “So the more students use the app, the more information is added. At the moment, it is mainly subjects from the School of Business and Economics, but it is entirely up to you to change that.”

Lisette Reuvers




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