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Three quarters are considering a study in the Netherlands

Three quarters are considering a study in the Netherlands

Photographer:Fotograaf: Present from Nuffic: an orange dressing gown/ Photo Alexander Sporre

Survey among more than two thousand foreign students

MAASTRICHT. Foreign students regard the Netherlands as an open, internationally orientated society with high-quality education. This is one of the outcomes of the Student Pulse research that was recently carried out on behalf of Nuffic, the Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in higher education.

Three quarters of the more than two thousand students interviewed from eight countries that are interesting for the Netherlands (including Brazil, Russia, India and Turkey) is considering a study period in the Netherlands. And after that? What do they feel their chances are of finding work in the Netherlands?  ‘Good’ to ‘very good’, answered 81 per cent. Twenty-nine per cent is actually thinking about working in the Netherlands. One in nine would not consider it. More than half does not know yet.
The quality of teaching matters most to prospective students when choosing an institution. But they also greatly value personal safety and security, cost of living and cost of education. Students choose the Netherlands for various reasons. Student city Amsterdam is very popular and 63 per cent reckons that you do not have to learn Dutch in order to successfully complete a study.
They know the Netherlands relatively well, although the English-speaking countries such as the United States and the UK score the highest in the ranking. That is where most think they will end up studying. The Netherlands is in tenth place, in the middle section, when it comes to attractiveness. We have to allow Germany, France, Italy and Spain in front of us.
A considerable majority of the students feel that they can pay for their own study abroad. More than 90 per cent feels that financial support is nevertheless of great importance when choosing a study abroad.
Study in Holland is the label used by Nuffic to try and encourage foreign students to come and study in the Netherlands. More and more people are aware of this opportunity. In Indonesia it was known most (20 per cent), followed by China and India. In Russia hardly anyone knew about it (4 per cent).

It is the Week of the International Student. Five foreign students studying in the Netherlands received an orange dressing gown and a breakfast. The week ends on Saturday with a large career fair for foreign students in The Hague: nl4talents.
There are about ninety thousand foreign students in the Netherlands. Recently the Ministry of Education reserved five million euro for international student grants; in doing so, it is hoping to improve our appeal.




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