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Room for Thought

Room for Thought

  • Room for Thought
  • Photograph/ every day/ diary
  • Free
  • iOS and Android

‘Dear diary, it’s been quite a while since I wrote something down.’ Those of you whose diaries remained dismally empty in the past – except for a few short sentences like this, followed by two days of frantic writing – will also experience gaps with its modern equivalent – a photo diary. If you nevertheless want to record your life, then the Room for Thought app could be the answer.

The app sends you a message at a random time during the day. When you open the message, you first get to see a short animation, after which you have three seconds to come up with a good subject for your photo, which will then be made automatically. So it is a good idea to think before you open the message what you want to photograph, otherwise all you end up with are vague recordings of something that happened to be at hand, or your hand itself.

The app has the usual options. Photographs can be given a filter and shared using the app, Facebook or Twitter. Those who prefer a secret diary, can change the settings to ‘private’.



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