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“If you get to know us you’ll see we’re very friendly”

“If you get to know us you’ll see we’re very friendly” “If you get to know us you’ll see we’re very friendly”

Madeleine Borgh, 23, from Sweden, doing an internship at CRISP/UM and Hogeschool Zuyd

No, she’s not blonde, but she is from Sweden. Madeleine Borgh arrived in Maastricht two and half weeks ago and will stay for three months. An Occupational Therapy student, she is doing an internship at the Centre for Research Innovation, Support and Policy of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, and at Hogeschool Zuyd. “I’m doing a workplace analysis of UM and Hogeschool Zuyd, aimed at preventing neck, shoulders and back injuries.”

She hasn’t seen that much of the world, but still a lot for a 23-year-old from Sweden, she thinks. After finishing high school she spent ten weeks in South East Asia with her (now ex-) boyfriend. “We wanted to dive, swim, experience a new culture, see as much nature as possible, go on holiday. Scuba diving in Borneo was really cool; I saw sharks and turtles.” Her most striking experiences were with the people. “They’re so different from Swedish people. More relaxed, more outgoing. If you don’t know the Swedish you might think they’re a bit stiff, a bit shy. But if you get to know us you’ll see we’re very friendly.”

Within Europe, she has already been to Italy, Greece, Spain, Norway and Croatia (“great”), but she has never been to France. “I’m thinking of visiting it now. It’s close, after all. Why have I never been? I don’t know, maybe because of the language. I’ve heard the French don’t speak a lot of English.”

Last weekend she visited Amsterdam for the first time. It was nice, but in comparison to Maastricht “too noisy and too stressful. In Maastricht the people are very helpful. If you stop on the street, looking a bit confused, there’s always someone to help you. And everybody speaks really good English.” What about her Dutch? “I bought a little dictionary, but I’m not sure if I’m going to learn it. I’m only here for three months and Dutch is not an international language.”



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