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Anatomy Learning

Anatomy Learning

  • Anatomy Learning
  • Medicine/study/informative
  • Free
  • iOS and Android

Where exactly is your liver? And what are the names of the 43 muscles in your face? Whether you are a medical student studying for an anatomy exam or just interested in what makes up a body, the Anatomy Learning app provides the answers. The app enables you to look at 3D models of all parts of the human body. Just by clicking on a bone, muscle, organ or nerve, you can learn its name. The drawing can be viewed from all angles. When you feel you have gained enough knowledge, you can take the test with a short quiz.

The app not only works on your telephone but also on a regular computer (Apple or Windows). The app can be downloaded from the website. Having it on your computer can be handy. The files of the 3D models are sizeable. Downloading them will cost you data charges – unless you are on a Wi-Fi network – and storage space on your phone.

The app that was originally in Spanish is not fully completed in English yet, but it is regularly updated.  



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