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Maastricht wins University Business competition

Maastricht wins University Business competition

MAASTRICHT. A Maastricht student team won the University Business competition in Amsterdam last week. Five SBE students beat the other twelve competing university teams in a case competition about a business in the music industry. Utrecht came second, Leiden third.

Create a school for young, talented DJs and have them play as supporting act to big names like DJ Hardwell. As a kick-off, organise a music event that starts at the same time on all continents. European viewers can see on large screens how things are going in the United States or in Asia, and vice versa. These two ideas for the expansion of Alda Events  (an Amsterdam enterprise that promotes DJs worldwide and, among other things, organises DJ Hardwell’s world tour) turned out to be worth their weight in gold last Friday. The jury of the University Business competition awarded the first prize to Maastricht students Fleur van Sambeeck, Thijs Poelstra, Maud Wammes, Arnoud Weustink, and Sanne Luijks. Aside from the honour, the prize consisted of VIP tickets for the start of DJ Hardwell’s world tour (last weekend), a tablet and a challenge cup. In addition, all five will be fitted for suits.

A total of more than sixty Maastricht students competed for a place in their university’s team. A jury consisting of representatives from five companies - DSM, NS, Yse, Roland Berger, and Pon – took a look at their CVs and motivational letters and chose four. Number five gained a place through votes from fellow-students. “I was a chairperson for Aiesec in the past and involved with a start-up at the University of Twente, which worked to my advantage. I was number one for DSM,” says master’s student Arnoud Weustink.

Before the day of the finals, all five received training from the above-mentioned companies – presentation skills, stakeholder analysis, analysing strengths and weaknesses of businesses, et cetera – which would be helpful in solving Alda’s case: the business wants to expand, what is the best thing for them to do? Weustink: “We also worked on team building. That helped, everyone knew what they had to do.”

The University Law competition 2015 will take place on 2 February. Maastricht will also participate. During the first edition, last year, students from Erasmus University Rotterdam won the law competition.






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