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Tafelstraat 13 becomes The InnBetween

Tafelstraat 13 becomes The InnBetween

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

MAASTRICHT. Tafelstraat 13, the University Chaplaincy, is leaving the building that bears its name. The new location will be Capucijnenstraat 122. “A huge step for us, as we have been at Tafelstraat 13 since we started in the nineteen-seventies,” says student pastor Arie de Fijter. “But it is a step that we have been considering for quite some time. We wanted something cheaper and bigger. At the moment we only have a sitting room and an adjoining small office. Too small for most activities.”

The new building is part of a former Ursula convent, most which is used by health care institution Philadelphia. “The spaces that we will rent were used for day centre activities, but those has been moved. We will have use of the nuns’ former dining hall, a kitchen, offices spaces, storage space and a beautiful garden with an arbour.”

The move also involves a name change. Tafelstaat 13 will become The InnBetween, something we thought long and hard about. “The InnBetween is firstly a reference to the place where the building is situated: in between all kinds of other buildings. We are surrounded by the Montessori school, the Circumflex association, a student residence and a chapel.” De Fijter hopes that the University Chaplaincy will be an open and cosy place, inviting people to come in. “That is why we opted for ‘InnBetween’, an inn being a place where you can relax, have a good chat and re-energise.”

The name also refers to the stage in life in which students find themselves. “With their youth behind them and their future career ahead of them. We hope to be able to help them with the questions that arise from this time of freedom and the choices that they have to make. It is also a reference to our position of building bridges between the secular and the spiritual, science and religion, and between students with various backgrounds.”

The new building still needs to be prepared. “No major renovation. A kitchen needs to be fitted, it has to be furnished and be given a lick of paint. We hope to move in at the beginning of March.”



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