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Jet Lag Rooster

Jet Lag Rooster

  • Jet Lag Rooster
  • Travel/sleep/health
  • Free
  • Android, iOS

Coping with jetlag after a long flight can be difficult. Preventive action could be the cure, the makers of the Jet Lag Rooster thought. This app gives advice on the best way to prevent jetlag. First you enter your flight details and your personal sleeping rhythm – what time you get up, what time you go to bed. The app calculates the best time for you to sleep and the best time for you to be up in the light. Research has shown that your internal clock will adapt better if you choose the right time to be in the light. Sunlight is best, but artificial light is also possible.

If you are someone who suffers terribly when travelling through different time zones, you could choose to adapt your sleeping habits three days before you leave. People who find it easier to deal with changes to their sleeping habits, may choose the ‘upon arrival’ or ‘after the aeroplane has taken off’ option. The app provides additional tips like drink lots of water, eat fruit and shower after you have arrived.

Jet Lag Rooster does not need an Internet connection so it can be used free of charge abroad.




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