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Dream Moods – Dream Dictionary

Dream Moods – Dream Dictionary

  • Dream Moods – Dream Dictionary
  • Sleep/psychology/diary
  • Free
  • iOS, Android

The ancient Greeks and Romans regarded dreams as messages from the gods; prophesies about things that were going to happen. According to psychiatrist Carl Jung, a dream is a message from the subconscious to the dreamer; a warning that they should pay more attention to certain problems. Others regard dreams simply as a way of processing the impressions of one’s day.

The latter group will most likely not think much of Dream Dictionary app. For others: you can keep a daily dream diary by typing or speaking the text (in English). The app recognises certain words from the text as subjects that people often dream about, such as exams, pursuits and being able to fly. By clicking on the highlighted word, you can see an explanation of your dream. You can also browse through the dream dictionary or look up a specific topic. The app remembers both your diary entries and your search terms, making it easy to find something again.



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