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  • MagicPlan
  • Interior/handy/DIY
  • Free
  • iOS, Android

Do you want to know if your room is really as big as your landlord claims? Or are you wondering if your new bed will fit? MagicPlan provides an easy way to create a floor plan of your room. To do so, you stand in the middle of the room and start the recording mode of the app. Point your smartphone or tablet towards the wall where you want to start, and lines will appear on your screen. Mark a starting point with a pointer on the screen and proceed around the room, indicating whether there is a corner, window or door. When you have reached your starting point again, the app will create a floor plan, which you can view both in 2D and in 3D.

Later, you may even add furniture and other objects. The app also calculates how many metres you will have to paint if you want your room to have a different colour, or how much laminate flooring you will need. If you want a printed version of floor plan, you will have to pay €2.99 for each floor plan.




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