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  • Happening
  • Friends/chatting/photographs
  • Free
  • iOS, Android

Seen anyone lately climbing a lamppost to make a selfie? Odds are that this was a Happening user. This “WhatsApp with extras”, as one might describe Happening in a nutshell, offers you the possibility of challenging your friends to a photo hunt. Every day – at a random time – an assignment comes in: take a photograph of yourself with… a policeman, a bow, in the lift, etc. The person who is quickest in taking a snap receives most points. You can also rank your friends, just like in the TV programme Ranking the Stars. Who is the person who most resembles an alien? And who do you think cleans most often?

Besides these games, Happening also has useful functions. You can use it to chat – one-on-one or in a group, just like in WhatsApp – and set up various shared lists. Examples include a to-do-list (who cleans what?), a dinner list (who is having dinner in?), a pick-a-date list (when can we all go to see a film together?), or a payment list (who hasn’t paid for the food yet?).



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