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Group sizes: great, faculty housing: could be better

Group sizes: great, faculty housing: could be better

National Student Survey
MAAASTRICHT. Maastricht students are satisfied with their bachelor’s and master’s programmes, is the conclusion from the results of the National Student Survey published last week. The most enthusiastic students can be found at University College Maastricht, Knowledge Engineering and Tax Law. Students throughout the UM are the least satisfied – but still sufficiently so – about the preparation for a career and the faculty housing.
In the annual National Student Survey (Nationale Studenten Enquête, or NSE) students from universities and schools of higher education give their views on their study programmes and their institutes. More than 700 thousand students were approached at the beginning of this year, of whom more than 38 per cent completed the survey. The response from the UM was higher, with 42.9 per cent, which is similar to the rate in previous years and makes the UM the leader among all universities.
The more than forty questions posed by NSE cover such aspects as the content of the study programme, academic skills acquired, career preparation, the quality of lecturers, information, study facilities, and the study workload. It is a multiple-choice model in which participants choose a score between 5 (very satisfied) and 1 (very dissatisfied).
In Maastricht, University College Maastricht is at the top. Not surprisingly, because this study programme has been scoring well among students for years, also in comparison to the other liberal arts studies in the country. Biomedical Sciences and European Studies are at the bottom of the UM list, but their students are still reasonably satisfied.
Many bachelor’s students are pleased with the group sizes during tutorials and lectures. UCM received the best mark for this from its students: 4.7. At Tax Law, International Business, European Studies, and Medicine, students also appreciated their education in small groups. For UCM students, the main point of ‘criticism’ concerned the preparation for a future career (3.2). At Biomedical Sciences (3), Arts and Social Sciences (2.8), and Psychology (2.7), practical orientation was also at the bottom.
Still reasonably happy, but giving a 3.5, students from Knowledge Engineering are least satisfied with faculty housing (they are taught in the building on Bouillonstraat 8 and at the Tapijn Barracks). Students of International Business give no more than 2.9 for their building. European Studies scores 2.8 for this section.
On a national level, university students are more positive than five years ago. Back then, 80 per cent was satisfied, while the figure is now almost 83 per cent. They weren’t exactly dissatisfied, but over the past few years the percentage of grumblers has decreased: from 5.4 to 3.9 per cent. These improved scores are in contrast with the recent protests in Amsterdam, stated a press release from the ‘Studiekeuze123’ foundation, who commissioned the National Student Survey. The foundation represents educational institutes, students and the ministry.
The NSE results have repercussions for study rankings in the Keuzegids and Elsevier, which are published every autumn.


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