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Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens

  • Microsoft Office Lens
  • Office/practical/study
  • Free
  • Android, iOS

    You no longer need to copy the lecturer’s notes on the whiteboard by hand. Using Microsoft Office Lens you simply take a snapshot of the whiteboard, which the app then turns into a document. You can choose the document format, the options including PDF, Word and PowerPoint. It is not even necessary to stand right in front of the board. The app recognises where the written text is and captures it.
    A paper document is easy to scan too. Simply switch from whiteboard to document in the option menu and take a picture. Having opened the scan in Word, you are able to enter your own text in it. If you have lost the file containing your essay, but you previously printed it, you can reconstruct your file using Office Lens scans.
    The app automatically saves scanned documents in the Microsoft cloud OneDrive.



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